Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How success you are??

We worry so much about being successful, but what does successful really mean?

Big houses?
Fancy jobs?
Flashy cars?
Being the most popular on the street?


Oh, money doesnt give you the success!

Success is...
When you worship Allah, Devoting your life to Him, Showing that you love Him, Care for Him, And want to be the best servant for Him.

Success is...
When you have perfected your Salaah, Praying Promptly, Abandoning your sleep, Delaying work and play, And never missing it.

Success is...
When you love our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, With all of your heart, Following in his perfect ways, Spreading his beautiful words, And obeying him, May peace and blessings of Allah always be upon him.

Success is...
When you please your parents, Helping around the house, Trying to be the best son or daughter you can be, Taking care of them when they are ill, And placing your attention upon them.

Success is...
When you love your Muslim Brothers and Sisters unconditionally, Helping one another in the Deen, Showing each other the way of right, Reminding them to pray, And joining together to be apart of the believing Ummah.

So success in this life is...
When you follow the enlightening path of Islam, For the goal of receiving Paradise, Where you will be with Allâh for all of eternity, Living and breathing tranquility.

This is what being successful really means !!!
 -productive muslim-

Seek for the blessing & the  redo,

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